Vince started his fascination with music at the  age of 7 . Singing away to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin , playing pots and pans and legs as his first drum set . His mom wouldn't let him play drums in the house because his older brother is a drummer and she didn't want to go through  the noise again . Vince was always over at his friend's house to play drums he wished he owned . At the age of fourteen his mom bought him a classical guitar and he took lessons in junior high school . Vince wrote his first song at fifteen and recording it bouncing back and forth with two tape recorders . Studying music in college and the introduction of keyboards really opened up the writing . In his early twenties , he was on the bar circuit playing guitar , bass or drums and always singing  . By 1992 Vince was playing bass with his brother Bernie Aubin on drums and a different guitar player every week it seemed . Reforming Canadian Recording act The Headpins in 93 with Darby Mills and his brother , Vince toured across Canada and backed up or headlined with many bands such as Loverboy , Prism , Gerry Doucette , Streetheart , Eric Burden , Nazareth , Steppenwolf , Wild T and the Spirit ,  the list goes on  !!!

Writing and recording in his home studio , Vince is also involved in licensing his music for Film , TV and advertising . Signing a contract for a major L.A. Music Library and pitching songs for other artists.

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